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10 Tips for Losing Weight

10 Tips for Losing Weight

There are so many ways that you can lose weight. Some methods are proven to work, some are a little unorthodox, and some are just plain dangerous. When it comes to weight loss, it’s all about finding the right tricks that suit you and your body.
I have compiled a list of tips for losing weight, alongside your exercise programme. Both my clients and I have found a few of these to be very helpful in the past, and I am sure some of these will work for you too!
Of course, these methods will not work if you decide to tuck into a few late night Big Macs ‘post sesh’, but hey, keep these in mind each day and you will start to see a difference on the waistline.

1. Take a 20-minute walk when you wake up

1-take-a-20-minute-walk-when-you-wake-upThis method has been proven to burn 20% more fat through fasted cardio rather than post meal. I mean, that 20% has been found from one study and would not necessarily be universally true. Still, early (or mid) morning fasted cardio does burn some serious calories.
Although, you do need to keep in mind that your body may use protein (break down your muscle) as energy if your glycogen stores are depleted. To get around this, my early morning cardio is usually just a brisk walk. Also, if you really want to ramp up the ‘burnage’; take a walk before bed time.

2. Drink More Green Tea

2-drink-more-green-teaPretty much everyone bangs on about the benefits of green tea.
Contains a small amount of caffeine and antioxidants that work in conjunction for burning calories and torching fat.
Several studies support this. It does the job.
Fill your boots (within reason).

3. Keeping Healthy Snacks in the Cupboard

3-keeping-healthy-snacks-in-the-cupboardThere are going to be times when you get hungry between meals; I keep carrots in the fridge to try and power through.
No need playing any hunger games here, snack on some carrots (no hummus allowed this time), and bridge those gaps between meals/shakes.

4. Add Chilli’s to Your Meals

4-add-chillis-to-your-mealsChilli peppers boost your metabolism big time. Studies back this, I back this, you should back this.
The compound is known as Capsaicin, and it also supresses your appetite too.
Don’t go mad on it though, as it may leave you with a burn that is just as nasty as DOMS the next day!

5. Get Your 8 Hours Sleep

5-get-your-8-hours-sleepPoor sleep is linked to obesity.
If you don’t sleep well, then you crave bad, sugary foods to replenish your energy levels and ‘keep you going’.
Get your 8 hours sleep a night, so that you have that energy to smash your next workout and stay on course with your diet.

6. Eat More Protein

6-eat-more-proteinWithout sounding like a meathead about this; you need to eat more protein. I feel as if I can safely say this to you as most people that I talk to are not eating enough protein each day.
Eating more protein has been found to boost metabolism, and stops you from thinking obsessively over bad food.Protein keeps you satiated. If you need supplementation to hit your protein goals, I would recommend going for a diet whey shake, that has been proven to build lean muscle mass and burn some unwanted fat.
Hit the protes, and shed some kilos.

7. Drink More Water

7-drink-more-waterPopular method, but proven to work. Up the amount of water you’re drinking (are you noticing a theme yet?!).
Again, we all struggle to hit the 3 litres (minimum) that we need to drink each day.
Get a big old water bottle/shaker to monitor how much you are drinking each day.

8. Take Progress Pictures

8-take-progress-picturesThis is one method that is there to drive you on progress wise.
Taking pictures of your current physique will cause a reaction of some kind, but for the most part it will be a positive step that will drive you on to lose an inch or two around the waist.

9. Track Your Daily Steps

Fitbit or otherwise, these daily activity trackers are a novel piece of technology that make you incredibly competitive.
How many steps have you done today”, is a common question that I get asked if someone clocks my watch.
The fact is that there is a correlation between these watches, and an increase in daily activity levels.

10. Prep Your Food

Perfect way of measuring the quantity you are making, and saves time in your weekly routine.
Set out your meals for 2-3 days in advance if possible, and notice how easy it is to keep on track with your diet. Even if you are eating most of your meals at home; prep those meals in advance in Tupperware containers.

Just a few to get you started there! But the rest is up to you (and your Personal Trainer, obviously)

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