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Sports Massage . Chiropractor . Hypnosis . Acupuncture . Nutrition

Our therapists offer a wide range of affordable massages, treatments and therapies from within a friendly environment, a nutritionist is also available for your dietary and lifestyle advice.

Wellbeing at Linear Health and Fitness provides you with the perfect retreat away from your busy lifestyle. Situated on the picturesque grounds of Borde Hill Gardens, we are about helping you live well, be well and feel well.


Sports and remedial massage is a focused form of soft tissue therapy and is used to treat musculoskeletal pain dysfunction and damage.

Despite the name, sports and remedial massage is not limited to a sporting context and can be very effective in treating muscle pain and tension due to work or lifestyle stress or poor general posture.

Sports and remedial massage can be appropriate for an individual of any age, lifestyle or level of fitness.

Preventing acute and overuse injuriesStimulating muscle response to achieve optimum performance in physical activity

Relieving Stress

Aiding muscle recovery after exercise and reducing fatigue and soreness Eliminating or reducing recurring muscle and joint pain or discomfort

Breaking down scar tissue and fibrous adhesions caused by injury Correcting postural imbalance

Improving joint range of movement


Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapist LSSM (Dip)

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Becky Wells

 Becky Wells

Hypnosis, Kinetic Shift, Psy-Tap

Do you have a fear, phobia or habit you would like to break?​

Do you want to improve your sports performance or business focus?
You have an amazing and powerful mind and you CAN change your thinking.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind leading to an enhanced capacity to respond to beneficial suggestion. Kinetic Shift and Pay-TaP are new, rapid and powerful techniques to help enable change.

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Dr Doug Windsor

MChiro DC HNCert(Nutrition)


Doug has a unique reputation for helping patients with complicated chronic pain conditions, who have lost
hope or have been told they have to learn to live with pain. His regular patients include orthopaedic
surgeons, medical doctors, GP’s, dentists, physiotherapists, nurses, world champion and Olympic athletes.
Many tradesman and elderly patients also rely on Doug’s services to maintain their professions and enjoy a
better quality of life. Patients travel from around London and the south east, and as far as Russia for
regular care. Doug has helped many patients in his long career and is “passionate” about helping others to
achieve their fullest potential, and for him, nothing is more rewarding.
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Swedish Holistic, Pregnancy and Labour Massages

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